Artifacts of greatness

I want to create a page where I can share things that I find a lot of value in. It could be motivation, products, people, websites or anything that deserves top billing on my site. These are things that are important and worth your time. Time is valuable so I will not waste it.


I was an athletic person throughout high school and even more so in college. I worked my ass off to make sure my body was never a weakness in my life and on the baseball field. Life was good, I was strong and my body felt amazing for most all my career. Then kids came, sports went away and I got fat, I still had muscles but there was a lot of beefy, aka fat on my body. At my heaviest I remember seeing the scale say 261 pounds. Below are the tools I used to lose over 95 pounds to get myself back to a good weight. Weight is still an issues but here are some tools that I used.

4 hour body – Tim Ferriss
Here is a good article about the slow carb diet. This diet was ahead of its time and is still very relevant with all the other fads in dieting.
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