About me

The typical bio of who I am that I will create something fun and witty soon. In the meantime let me introduce myself.

My name is Kevin Bratetic. I’m a father of 3 amazing kids, 4 dogs and 2 cats. The cats where not my choice but the choice of my wife Aimee who is my everything . I will write more about her in my posts but she is the most amazing human I have ever met and I’m lucky to get to call her my best friend and my wife.

I have a job that I do love and it has opened so many doors to a beautiful world I get to call my life.

I have addictions, many additions… They include riding bikes outside on the road, gravel roads and on beautiful mountain bike trails. Other addictions are based around health & wellness and anything that makes me a better human and to live a long happy life.

I love being a father to kids who believe in who they are and are willing to work their ass off to be the best version of themselves. I hate when people accept being average. I love to motivate my kids to push beyond their self imposed limits and to help them channel their inner David Goggins.