A place to capture my thoughts

Today we live in a world of information, this information is simply amazing and has done great things for how we learn, share and be a part of thing’s we are passionate about. We have never been so connected but why do I feel like I have never been more disconnected in my thoughts and feeling about my passions. Can one picture on Instagram capture all my thoughts and feeling? No, I don’t think so. Can a post made from my phone to Facebook really get to my soul of what I felt in the moment? No. Do I need to feel the love of having people “like” my post on social media? Absolutely not.

I started my digital life in HTML using Dreamweaver and Frontpage to post information about me, my web design work and my family. I created something to tell my story. I created a platform to share my life, thoughts, photos and my work. Damn it was special. I was proud and it opened my eyes to the power of story telling and sharing a piece of me.

That was a very special time for me and it created my passions for technology. I really miss those days. Today we have a platform for everything, photos, words, music, new, etc. and it’s becoming messy and gross. More on that later… maybe.

I wanted to get back to my roots and bring back a very simple website that allows me to share pieces of me, my family, my passions and thoughts.